Yoon Bee Baek

—  Metricks  Branding / UI‧UX
—  Symbolink  Editorial
—  De.fault  Branding / UI‧UX
—  Room  Editorial
—  AAA  Branding
—  Intime  Campaign


AUG 2018 -  MAY 2023 

Glasses that express that you don't want to be judgmental.
Nov 2022

Exhibition identity and prints for "A Form of Love to be Reached Without Heads or Tails," a contemporary art exhibition held in WWW Space Gallery, Seoul, Korea.

Nov 2022
Client: Ewha Womans University & WWW Space Gallery

Are words transient?: An installation and video that imagine scenarios if the words were living organisms.
Nov 2019

A magazine that showcasing urban places and citizens.
OCT 2021

A dictionary of swords that reversely highlights the people's stories behind the war.
APR 2020

Brand design for a regional film festival, “Woodstock Film Festival.”
OCT 2021
The team: Yoon Bee Baek ꞏ Wiebke Meyer-Luters ꞏ Crystal Shin ꞏ Mingxuan Shen ꞏ Emily Barrington
Role: Grid system & Logo design

A design of a campaign about of femicide and its shared concerns.
FEB 2022

Creative market adoption of AR glasses in social network services.
DEC 2021
The team: Yoon bee Baek ꞏ Crystal Shin ꞏ Vidhi Patel
Role: Brand identity & Mobile app UI

Things of practice & exploration

Augmented reality (AR) operations with cameras and image readers.
OCT 2021 - APR 2022
The team: (Screen 1) Yoon Bee Baek ꞏ Crystal Shin ꞏ Emily Barrington / (Screen 3) Yoon Bee Baek ꞏ Crystal Shin
Tools used: Spark AR ꞏ Adobe AERO ꞏ Cinema 4D

Body tracking and sensor operation testing.
SEP 2018 - SEP 2019
The team: (Screen 3) Yoon Bee Baek ꞏ Dahyun Ko ꞏ Heywon Lee
Role: Coder
Tools used: Unity ꞏ Cinema 4D ꞏ Xbox Kinect ꞏ Arduino

Animations & Films
AUG 2018 - Jan 2022


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